Category Title Author Rating Description
Critical Thinking The Science of Good and Evil Michael Shermer
What is good and evil in a scientific sense?
Fantasy The Renshai Chronicles Mickey Zucker Reichert
Set 500 years after the original Renshai trilogy, the next three books are a severe disappointment.
Fantasy The Renshai Trilogy Mickey Zucker Reichert
Drawing heavily on Norse mythology and culture, these three novels are Reichert's best works to date.
Fantasy The Legend of NIghtfall Mickey Zucker Reichert
Nightfall is a master of stealth, swordplay, and possesses an innate magic ability.
Economics Money Mischief Milton Friedman
Friedman explores the subject of monetary policy and especially inflation with remarkable clarity.
Economics Capitalism and Freedom Milton Friedman
Milton Friedman is probably the greatest economist to ever live, and his ideas are made accessible in this slim,...
Life Hacking Change Your Voice Morton Cooper
Most people strain their voice by not using their natural pitch.
Business Brand New Nancy F. Koehn
The story of six famous entrepreneurs and how they used branding to make their products successful.
Sci Fi The Line of Polity Neal Asher
This one makes a great intro to sci-fi if you're new to the genre.
Sci Fi The Diamond Age Neal Stephenson
Quite possibly the most complex, intelligent, and well-written piece of literature ever created.
Sci Fi Snow Crash Neal Stephenson
There's only one word to describe this book: bad-ass.
Period Fiction Quicksilver Neal Stephenson
The first book of the Baroque Cycle explores the world of 17th century Europe, bearing all the marks of Stepehon's...
Sci Fi Zodiac Neal Stephenson
Consider this a warm-up for Neal Stephenson.
Business The Now Habit Neil Fiore
&Procrastination is your subconscious mind telling you: something is wrong with this work I'm supposed to be doing.
Cognition Why God Won't Go Away Newberg, D'Aquill, & Rause
Despite its provocative title, this book is actually fairly supportive of religion and human belief systems in general.