Author Books
Alastair Reynolds Revelation Space (1 total)
Alexander Shulgin & Ann Shulgin Pihkal (1 total)
Al Ries and Jack Trout Positioning (1 total)
Anne Rice Interview with the Vampire (1 total)
Barry Tarshis Grammar for Smart People (1 total)
Bill Bryson A Short History of Nearly Everything (1 total)
Bonnie Nardi A Small Matter of Programming (1 total)
China Mieville Perdido Street Station (1 total)
Chuck Palahniuk Choke (1 total)
Clayton M. Christenson Seeing What's Next (1 total)
Connie Willis To Say Nothing of the Dog (1 total)
Cory Doctorow Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom (1 total)
C.S. Friedman Black Sun Rising (1 total)
Daniel C. Dennett Consciousness Explained (1 total)
Dan Simmons Hyperion Cantos; Ilium; Endymion... (4 total)
Darrell Huff How to Lie with Statistics (1 total)
David Friedman The Machinery of Freedom (1 total)
David Grinspoon Lonley Planets (1 total)
David S. Landes The Wealth and Poverty of Nations (1 total)
Dean King Skeletons on the Zahara (1 total)