Author Books
Donald A. Norman The Design of Everyday Things (1 total)
Edward O. Wilson The Diversity of Life (1 total)
Elizabeth Moon The Speed of Dark (1 total)
Eric Sink Eric Sink on the Business of Software (1 total)
Frank Herbert Dune (1 total)
Geoffrey A. Moore Crossing the Chasm (1 total)
Greg Egan Terenesia; Distress (2 total)
Guy Kawasaki The Art of the Start (1 total)
H.P. Lovecraft The Road to Madness (1 total)
Jack Weatherford Ghenghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World (1 total)
Jacob Sullum Saying Yes (1 total)
James McPherson Battle Cry of Freedom (1 total)
James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones Lean Thinking (1 total)
James Surowiecki The Wisdom of Crowds (1 total)
Jared Diamond Guns, Germs, and Steel (1 total)
Jeff Hawkins On Intelligence (1 total)
J.M. Roberts A Short History of the World (1 total)
Joel Mokyr Gifts of Athena (1 total)
John Allen Paulos Innumeracy; A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market; A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper (3 total)
John Zagula and Richard Tong The Marketing Playbook (1 total)