The Renshai Chronicles by Mickey Zucker Reichert

Set 500 years after the original Renshai trilogy, the next three books are a severe disappointment. The first trilogy wove a mature and compelling story in a unique fantasy setting. The new series continues with the Norse theme, but otherwise this is very typical fantasy, with trite characters and a predictable storyline. My guess is that Reichert (or her publisher) thought that she had a chance to be the next Robert Jordan and thus changed the entire approach of the series. Even the polyamory theme between the three main characters seems a mirror of that shown in the Wheel of Time, but with the genders reversed. I can imagine Reichert sitting at her computer, typing up the story: "Two can play at that game, Jordan!"

It's still probably better-than-average fantasy, but if you're not specifically a fantasy fan then avoid.

Rating: 1 of 5
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