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Category Title Author Rating Description
History The Wealth and Poverty of Nations David S. Landes
If you only ever read one book on history, this should be it.
History Pirate Hunter Richard Zacks
This biography of Captain Kidd reads more like a swashbuckling novel than non-fiction history, but it is a true story...
History Battle Cry of Freedom James McPherson
Top-notch narrative-style writing on what is possibly one of the most intriguing events in modern history, the...
History The Pursuit of Power William H. McNeill
A comprehensive history of weapons and warfare, from ancient times to modern.
History Ghenghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World Jack Weatherford
Genghis Khan was the most successful conqueror to ever live.
History Skeletons on the Zahara Dean King
A real-life story of shipwreck, survival, and brutal slavery.
History Guns, Germs, and Steel Jared Diamond
Why did Europeans come to dominate the world?
History The American Political Tradition Richard Hofstadter
This is one of the few books I have been able to find that explores American political history in-depth.
History A Short History of the World J.M. Roberts
A delicate balance is necessary to write about history.
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