Category: Economics

Category Title Author Rating Description
Economics Capitalism and Freedom Milton Friedman
Milton Friedman is probably the greatest economist to ever live, and his ideas are made accessible in this slim,...
Economics Eat the Rich P.J. O'Rourke
A humorous take on basic economics, O'Rourke travels the world to observe various economies in action and poke fun at...
Economics The Lexus and the Olive Tree Thomas L. Friedman
This book explains globalization and why it's good for developing nations, from the perspective of a liberal who...
Economics Money Mischief Milton Friedman
Friedman explores the subject of monetary policy and especially inflation with remarkable clarity.
Economics The Company of Strangers Paul Seabright
How is it that a shy, murderous ape living on the African savanah came to be the dominant species on the planet over...
Economics Gifts of Athena Joel Mokyr
Industry was not the fuel of the industrial revolution: it was knowledge.
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