Category: Culture

Category Title Author Rating Description
Culture The Substance of Style Virginia Postrel
The tagline is "How the rise of aesthetic value is remaking commerce, culture, and consciousness," which sums up the...
Culture Tastes of Paradise Wolfgang Shivelbusch
This book documents the long and important role that stimulants and intoxicants have played in modern culture.
Culture The Wisdom of Crowds James Surowiecki
It is an almost universally held misconception that people are dumber in large numbers.
Culture Everything Bad Is Good For You Steven Johnson
Despite the widely-held conception that popular culture grows dumber by the year, the truth is actually the opposite.
Culture The Rise of the Creative Class Richard Florida
A book that made me realize I am not as unusual as I thought.
Culture The Future and Its Enemies Virginia Postrel
Postrel has a talent for uniquely insightful critiques of culture and politics, and it's on full display in this work.
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