Category: Cognition

Category Title Author Rating Description
Cognition Consciousness Explained Daniel C. Dennett
The only complete theory of consciousness I have ever encountered.
Cognition Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion Robert B. Cialdini
Modern sales techniques rely on quirks of the human psyche to get their effect.
Cognition Why God Won't Go Away Newberg, D'Aquill, & Rause
Despite its provocative title, this book is actually fairly supportive of religion and human belief systems in general.
Cognition The Power of Persuasion Robert Levine
Humans spend huge quantities of time trying to convince others to do, say, or think.
Cognition The Meme Machine Susan Blackmore
A seminal work on the subject of memes, ideas that breed and transmit between human minds much like genes transmit...
Cognition On Intelligence Jeff Hawkins
Examination of the human neocortex in the context in hopes of building a silicon equivalent.
Cognition Mind Wide Open Steven Johnson
This book very successfully applies the findings of neuroscience and behavioral studies to everyday life.
Cognition A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness V.S. Ramachandran
This book's primary virtue is that it is brief.
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